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Helping working animals all over the world


Thank you to the sponsors and participants of the Animal Aid Abroad Quiz Nite 2018

We had a fantastic night of fundraising on Saturday 30 June 2018. We send a big thank you to everyone who came to support the night, and all of our generous sponsors who make it possible for us to facilitate the aid and care given to abused and mistreated working animals around the world. Without your support, it wouldn't be possible.

Our generous sponsors and volunteers include:

Adele Heirlooms, Alice Shore, Acacia Pharmacy, Alex Rees, Andrea Buchanan, Adam McDermott, Alex Cearns, Bev. Rayner, Bali Essential Homewares, Blue Water Express, Bev Cooper, Cat Haven, Catherine Curnrow, Carolyn Nicholas, Charmaine Palmer, Chris Beggs, Charlotte Fehr, Chrissy Williams, Custard & Co., Colleen Saporita, Craft Collections, Chryssy William, Colleen McKenney, Denise Schokman, Dyana VukelicEllie Hubble, Eve Mirco, Franklin Hynes, Fran Calabrese, Fremantle Prison, Friends of the Animals, Georges in City Beach, Gynudup Plains Soaps, Grand Cinemas, Houndstooth Studio, Jacqui Williams, Jackie Wigh, Jenni Brown, Jennifer Skiff, Jenny Grant, Janette Huston, Jay O'Dea, Jaime Klein, Joe Petrovich, Karen Payne, Katy Beswick, Kirsten Jackson, Knot Just Sisters, La Vida Grocery, Louise Bruce-McGinn, Lynn Elkington, Linda Fogg, Ovarit Jumps, Michelle Hazelwood, Millie Iannolo, Nicholas Duncan from Save the Rhinos, Ovararit Jumps, Perth Zoo, Paul Elkington, Rachael Mason, Rosa's Massage, Scent to Rescue [ Lynda Holgate], Steph Berichon, Shirley Patrick, Stratham Retreat, Trawangan Dive, Top Experience, Touchwood [Jenny Dunlop], Two Feet and a Heartbeat, Voyage Kitchen, WASO, Windfall Wine Estate, Warren Nicholas, Wendy Jacobs, Yasmin Benell, Yoga Space in West Perth.


Every day, thousands of animals are overworked, abused, and injured through inhumane hard labour.

They’re often forced to carry heavy loads for farming, festivals, or construction — weights well beyond their capacity — or used unethically in tourism. These animals work in punishing environments, given little to no rest, and work with painful harnessing and untreated wounds. They are frequently without adequate water and nutrition.

Since 2007, Animal Aid Abroad has been dedicated to improving the lives of working animals, particularly in the poorest communities in the world.  Our first priority is always direct intervention to relieve suffering and abuse. We partner with local organisations to provide veterinary clinics to treat sick and injured working animals, educate local communities, and provide much needed shelter, food, water, medical supplies, and care to suffering animals.


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