Animal Nepal, Dukuchhap donkey sanctuary August update

AAA partner group, Animal Nepal, Dukuchhap donkey sanctuary have sent us an update on happenings around the sanctuary during August.

"This month, our shelter residents are really enjoying the company of our interns from Himalayan College of Agricultural Sciences and Technology (HICAST). Animal Nepal signed an MoU with HICAST in 2018 agreeing to provide internship opportunities for their final year veterinarian students. This is the second batch of interns and they will be spending 15 days at the donkey sanctuary. Our residents are getting extra attention, with an additional fifteen people at the sanctuary and they love being groomed by the interns.

BB and Stella were unwell this month – BB showed signs of lameness on her hind leg and upon examination it was discovered to be caused by a hoof abscess. The Vet technician cleaned the abscess with antiseptic and gave her tetanus vaccine as well as painkillers and antibiotics. BB is now recovered and has rejoined her best friend Menuka. Stella’s eye socket is still troubling her at times. Our vet technicians regularly flush it with saline to keep it clean and from being infected.

Taking advantage of the rainy season, this month, we planted fodder grass at the shelter so that our residents have plenty of green pasture to graze on!

Animal Nepal would like to express its sincere gratitude to Animal Aid Abroad for their continued financial support in the running and maintenance of the sanctuary for our rescued equines in Dukuchhap and for their contribution towards the building of the fence at our sanctuary. The construction is underway and we will keep AAA updated through our monthly reports. Once completed, the wall will be named ‘Wall of Hope’ to mark the second chance at life received by our rescued residents. At the inauguration, a section will be dedicated to AAA, with a plaque highlighting it's contribution."

Janet Thomas