Improved Welfare for Working Animals in Guinea

One of our partner groups, Liberia Animal Welfare and Conservation Society (LAWCS), have been carrying out an important project in neighbouring Guinea. This project aims to create awareness amongst animal owners and their children regarding the basic welfare needs of working animals. It is the first opportunity people in this location have had to learn about the welfare of working animals and their responsibilities towards them.


Encouragingly, since this project began, owners are now providing enough food, water and rest for their animals. They have also reduced the animals’ working hours in order to keep them healthy, happy and strong.

guinea 2.jpg

During August, LAWCS reached and inspired 367 children and 239 adults with their educational program. Free veterinary care was provided for 210 working animals, including treatment for wounds, internal and external parasites, plus flea and tick control. Animal Aid Abroad are proud to support this inaugural, much-needed project in Guinea!

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Janet Thomas