Global Working Animal Day Success!

Global Working Animal Day 2019 was recognised across the world on Sunday, 25th of August. This event aims to raise awareness of the harsh realities faced by millions of working animals who endure backbreaking loads, horrific pain and injuries, extreme heat, beatings and neglect on a daily basis.  

Many Animal Aid Abroad supporters took up the challenge to “Walk a Mile in My Shoes” by organising various walks or runs around Australia and internationally. The purpose of each event was to acknowledge the day-to-day struggles of these animals, whilst also raising funds to help improve the lives of overworked and mistreated working animals globally.

In Perth, a dedicated group of supporters including Animal Aid Abroad’s founder, Janet Thomas, completed the City to Surf 12-kilometre challenge. Groups of loyal AAA supporters in Melbourne, Canberra, Adelaide and Sydney also donned their walking shoes and backpacks to commemorate and fundraise for Global Working Animal Day. The Donkey Society of Queensland held their annual ‘Donkey Walk’, which attracted many walkers and included two donkeys named Tina and Chocky! Fundraising activities even extended as far as Inverness, Scotland, where AAA supporters walked 5 kilometres around the beautiful River Ness to assist working animals in need.

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Several of our international partner groups held special events for Global Working Animal Day. Over in Zimbabwe, Tikobane Trust walked and pulled carts for 1.8 kilometres around the village of Dete. They were joined by 34 adults and 56 children, who distributed educational flyers along the way. The response from villagers was very positive overall. Animal Welfare and Protection Organization (AWPO) in Eastern Uganda marked Global Working Animal Day by highlighting the importance of working donkeys to people living in poverty and encouraging compassion towards donkeys. They provided education on animal welfare and distributed informative posters throughout villages and schools where working donkeys are used.

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Tanzania Animal Welfare Society (TAWESO) celebrated Global Working Animal Day by providing humane education at a local primary school near Mtera Dam. Some of the children also visited the TAWESO centre in the evening, undertaking an educational tour looking at wall murals, the donkey barn and ongoing donkey cart works. The children and teachers were very touched learning about working animals of the world. 


Thanks to all of these incredible efforts, the total amount raised for Global Working Animal Day 2019 is $58,507.90! These funds will be directed towards several of Animal Aid Abroad’s current projects, including the Gili Island Vet Program in Indonesia, the Donkey Rescue and Education Centre in Sri Lanka, the construction of humane carts and harnesses in Tanzania and Zimbabwe, as well as funding for mobile veterinary clinics in these countries. Additionally, the money will go towards a unique program in Nicaragua helping to feed and treat malnourished working horses.

Our heartfelt thanks go out to each and every AAA supporter who organised or participated in an event or donated money for Global Working Animal Day this year. Your efforts are greatly appreciated and will make an enormous difference for vulnerable working animals worldwide.

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Janet Thomas