Rainy season brings good and bad for the Camel Rescue Centre in Bassi

The Camel Rescue Centre (CRC) in Bassi, India is enjoying the current rainy season. the animals are happy on these rainy days because of the fresh greenery everywhere. But this is the season in which the CRC find increased number of maggot infested wounds.

Nathulal from a local village came to the CRC for treatment of his camel. He said that his camel had a maggot wound inside its nose. On examination it was found that the condition of the camel was very bad. One of the nostrils had a wound full of maggots. They cleaned the wound and took out the maggots manually. They also gave the camel the appropriate injections. The owner was scolded about not taking care of the animal. He promised to keep the animal in a good condition.

Aside from this case, the team at the CRC treated a total of 382 camels, and 156 other animals during site visits and in-clinic during August. They are currently sheltering 20 animals in long-term/permanent care.

Janet Thomas