An eventful month for Tikobane Trust

The month of August was a busy month for AAA partner group, Tikobane Trust.

The received many calls and texts from villagers with sick or wounded donkeys. During the month of august they reached 67 donkeys through weekly donkey clinics. Because of the growing awareness of this service for sick and wounded donkeys they are now doing two visits per week.

One sad incident during the month August was that the team were alerted to hyenas in the Magoli area, some 9 km from the Tikobane Trust office. The team rode to the site on bicycles, along with some villagers, and using torches and fire they managed to chase out the hyenas. Unfortunately, two cows were killed and miraculously, a little donkey called Torchy was able to be rescued. Torchy was badly injured from the hyena attacks. Though his condition was dire, it was decided to go against the odds and do everything possible to save his life. The team are now treating him from his home every two days and are hoping for Torchy to totally heal.

The team also visited the firewood traders where they treated donkeys for harness and cart wounds and they are educating the owners on the proper care and welfare of the donkeys. Abuse of donkeys was also sadly evident with a number of donkeys seen with blood stained backs, a sign of heavy beating.

A great achievement was made however, when the police endorsed and are enforcing that all carts should be operated with a person in front leading the donkeys to prevent injury.

For Global Working Animal Day, the group held a campaign on donkey welfare and animal rights. This was a new concept to many of the local community members. Flyers and other reading materials were distributed, and signage on the rights of donkeys were displayed.

Janet Thomas