Flooding in the Camel Rescue Centre, Bassi

During the month of July, AAA partner group, the Camel Rescue Centre (CRC) in Bassi, India treated a total of 380 camels, as well as 403 goats, 48 cattle, 19 dogs, 2 horses and 2 birds.

On one occasion, a camel owner brought his camel to the CRC as it was not eating well. The team examined him but found nothing abnormal. The camel was given regular de worming medicine and some digestive powder. As the owner was about to leave he said that sometimes the camel shakes his head and there is an offensive smell. After hearing this, the CRC vet checked its ears and found that the camel was suffering from an ear infection otitis. There was some pus formation which was the reason for the bad odour. The ear was cleaned properly, some antibiotics and other medicines were prescribed and the camel was sent home with ear drops and oral medicines for further use.

This year we had a good monsoon. But in July one day it rained so heavily that it flooded our shelter CRC.  Water from surrounding areas came into our place. We had to shift our animals to camel shed as it on some higher plane. Our electricity was cut, sewage chambers were choked, there formed many 10-12 feet deep pits because of land sinking.

Now repair work is going on and conditions are getting better.

Janet Thomas