Continuing efforts in Uganda

AAA partner group in Uganda, Dr Wesonga Wanderema and the team have sent the following update on their recent activity:

"This season is busy with working donkeys ferrying the maize harvest from lower lands to the mountainous areas of our operational region. This sometimes makes it difficult for us to track them and monitor their health.

When the ferrying and trading trails off, the animals will again settle down, allowing for better monitoring and health operations. Continuing on with our mobile clinic project, we visited all of our operational areas including Local Government Offices and delivered medicines and mineral supplements for the working animals. During this period, more working donkeys have been introduced to us thanks to the readily available and free of charge services we now provide to these people who otherwise could not afford it.

Our future plans include correct harnessing training and support in order to provide early protection for the animals against injuries from poor harnesses and saddling."

Janet Thomas