Animal Nepal donkey sanctuary update

AAA partner group Animal Nepal have sent an update on recent events:

"Once again, the continuous rainfall in Dukuchhap has meant that our animals have spent most of their time indoors this month. There were no major medical issues this month except for Stella. Stella only has one eye and the wound was closed up two years ago. However, we recently noticed that there appeared to be some swelling around the area. Our vet technicians cleaned the wound and medicated it for a few days, following which she is now fine.

Our animals are being groomed regularly which most of them enjoy. As always, Menuka and BB the two elderly residents like to be by themselves but now they have a new friend Jackie (recently rescued mule). He seems to really like their company and they have taken him under their wing. Aside from making new friends, Jackie is otherwise doing really well. He has a great appetite and already looks so much better than when he first came to us. It is really nice to see him enjoy his new life.

Aside from the animals, this month we have been facing some issues at our sanctuary caused by the rainfall and complaints from neighbours. Heavy rainfall has halted construction work and furthermore has caused landslides adding to the existing infrastructure problems. To stop further damage, we have placed sandbags next to the landslide, but this is only a temporary solution. Once the access road dries out, the gabion wall will continue construction thanks to Animal Aid Abroad’s help.

Animal Nepal would like to express its sincere gratitude to Animal Aid Abroad for their continued financial support in the running and maintenance of the sanctuary for our rescued equines in Dukuchhap."

Janet Thomas