Friendicoes Rescue Baby Animals in Need

Friendicoes are one of our amazing partner groups in India. Animal Aid Abroad provides funds for their mobile veterinary clinic and also sponsors many of the animals living at their Gurgaon sanctuary, including rescued donkeys, mules and horses.

 Baby animals seemed to be a recurring theme for Friendicoes during June and July, with several young foals and a calf requiring assistance. In one case, an 8-month-old foal had been attacked by street dogs and sustained a severe wound on his chest and right shoulder. The Friendicoes team cleaned and dressed the wounds and administered tetanus and rabies vaccines. The foal was taken home by his relieved family after the dressings were completed.

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Another case involved a donkey foal, who Friendicoes rescued from the roadside in Gurgaon village. She had severe lacerated wounds on her forelegs, which were treated and dressed by the team. Although it was originally planned that this young donkey would remain at Gurgaon sanctuary, it was discovered that a child was attached to the donkey so the family decided they wanted her to remain with them.

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Friendicoes also rescued an abandoned calf in Gurgaon who was lying on the side of the road. He had hypothermia, was severely dehydrated and unable to stand up. The mobile clinic was used to transport him to the sanctuary, where he is now making a slow recovery. This calf will now remain at Gurgaon sanctuary for life and will be well cared for. In India, abandonment of male calves is a huge issue. Dairy farmers have no use for male calves but are also forbidden to slaughter them due to the protected status of cows in India. Sadly, this means many male calves are abandoned and left to fend for themselves from a young age.

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The Friendicoes team were surprised a few months ago when one of their rescued mares at the sanctuary gave birth to a foal, who they named Star. Unfortunately, little Star was born with rickets, meaning he had very weak joints and struggled to stand up. The team have worked tirelessly to help Star recover, providing regular massages, calcium supplements, nutritious feeds and a supportive sling. Thanks to plenty of tender loving care, beautiful Star is gaining strength and his legs are beginning to straighten out. Star and mother are now doing well.

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Animal Aid Abroad will continue to provide ongoing assistance for Friendicoes’ crucial mobile veterinary clinic and animal sanctuary in Gurgaon.

Janet Thomas