A Word from our Working Animals….

Did you know 200 MILLION HORSES, DONKEYS, MULES, CAMELS and BULLOCKS do the jobs of tractors, trucks and taxis every day in the worlds poorest countries?  Many impoverished people and families rely on us for their survival.

Animal Aid Abroad partners with local animal welfare groups in many developing countries to provide free veterinary care to help us, as well as working with our owners and handlers to improve the way they treat us through education and training.

BUT the sheer number of us globally means that there are still millions of animals that currently have NO form of vet treatment available to them.

With the end of the financial year looming please consider donating to AAA so they can help to relieve our suffering and pain, provide the necessary equipment to make us work pain-free and provide sanctuary for those of us who have nowhere to go or are too old to work.

All donations over $2 are TAX DEDUCTIBLE.

SS working horses carrying timber.jpg
Janet Thomas