Still Making a difference in Kurdistan.

Donkeys and shepherd dogs play a crucial role to the livelihood and survival of villagers in Kurdistan. The dogs not only protect their families and herds but work huge flocks of sheep and goats across vast areas of land where no fences or herding yards exist. Donkeys play a crucial role in carrying food, water, tools and herders while they move around the countryside with their animals. Animal Aid Abroad is proud to support the very hard-working Dr Sulaiman who travels throughout the Duhok province providing veterinary care to working donkeys and dogs as well as farm animals, particularly those owned by low income families who cannot afford proper veterinary care. Thanks to our Animal Aid Abroad donors, Dr Sulaiman now has a car [ 4WD ute] to carry out these clinics and no longer has to rely on hiring a car each week to carry out these long trips to the many villagers and shepherd families in this area of Kurdistan.

In the month of May, Dr Sulaiman was able to treat 21 donkeys, 1 horse, 29 shepherd dogs and 504 sheep and goats. Many thanks to our AAA donors who help us to support Dr Sulaiman and his work.

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