MAWO partnering with future vets to give back to their community

AAA partner group, Meru Animal Welfare Organisation (MAWO) recently organised and executed a donkey mobile clinic together with the Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine students from Sokoine University of Agriculture.

The idea was to give back to society and the neglected donkeys through free veterinary services.

The mobile clinic was held during the months of May & June in Samaria Village where donkeys from far and wide within the village were targeted. The donkey is an important species as it is used as a work animal. However despite the many uses of a

donkey such as transport and ploughing, the donkey needs are neglected. These include shelter, proper nutrition and veterinary medical care.

This was seen in the many cases of septic wounds, fractures and infections that the team treated.

Over the course of the clinic, a total of 203 donkeys were treated, the university students gained some invaluable real-life practical experience and MAWO got to network with these future vets who have promised to return and give back to society through this vital service.

Janet Thomas