Animal Nepal enjoys a new family member

An update from our partner group Animal Nepal:

"In the month of May our shelter residents got a new friend! The Animal Nepal team rescued a young mule from Bungamati brick kiln in Lalitpur. The mule had suffered a fracture about a year ago but his owner had not sought medical treatment for the injury, which resulted in improper healing.

Despite this, the mule continued to be used to carry loads, which would have caused the mule a lot of pain and discomfort. Our team spoke to the owner on several occasions, advising him that it is both illegal and morally unacceptable to put a disabled animal to work. However, he continued as before and would hide the mule whenever our team visited. Finally, it was decided that the mule had to be rescued, because leaving him under the care of his owner would only make his condition worse. He has been taken to our donkey sanctuary in Dukuchhap and is currently under

observation and being kept separately from our other equines. His leg will never be fully healed, but we are hopeful that with the right care, this young mule will have a long and happy life at our sanctuary, especially now that he has made friends with our other residents. We have kept him separate from the other young and active residents, because he still a little weak. However, it is very heartwarming to see him being taken under the wings of our senior residents BB and Menuka. On most days you will find the three of them grazing together. He has been named Jackie and we are happy to have him join our shelter family!

Our resident goat, Jeevan was hit by one of the mules and although he did not sustain any serious injury, he didn’t eat for two days, but we are glad to report that he is now back to his normal self and has regained his appetite. BB, Menuka and Bruna share the mat to sleep on, which we hope will prevent further bed sores on their body!"

Thank you Animal Nepal for your efforts every day to help provide a safe and happy life for the most deserving of animals.

Janet Thomas