Slowly changing the culture towards humane practices in Uganda

Animal Welfare and Protection Organisation (AWPO) in Uganda and one of AAA's partner groups and in the March-June period, they have been busy servicing the Sironko and Amudat areas, incorporating the areas of Bulambuli, Kapchorwa and Bukwo.

During this time 197 donkeys of various ages and physiological status were examined for health status and therapy administered as required.

54 owners and communities for the working donkeys were communicated with on the best ways to care, handle and provide health care for their precious donkeys. They also spoke on why it is advisable to abandon the old methods of twisting donkey ears and yoking donkeys around the necks, and often yoking them together with oxen. This will be a continuous awareness activity as the practice has been accepted for so long it has become an aspect of the culture. Education will aim to teach and encourage better methods being used to subdue donkeys to enable loading and or mounting them.

A long and difficult road ahead to gradually change culture and mindsets, but AWPO work tirelessly towards this, and we applaud them.

Janet Thomas