Hargiesa animals better off thanks to SAWS

AAA partner group SAWS in Hargiesa recently carried out their usual mobile vet clinic to outreach villages in the district. Through the course of the clinic, wherein 212 donkeys, 31 cows, 21 calves and 10 camels were treated, they found that many of the young calves in the area were suffering from a skin condition caused by ticks. This was treated with the appropriate medicines and owners were advised on best practice to avoid the spread of disease through their animals.

A number of the cattle were suffering with overgrown hooves. Some of the owners had attempted trimming the hooves with a hot knife, causing wounds to the animals. Owners were advised against this, and hooves were trimmed by the team using the correct tools.

Owners in the area were also advised on how to properly shelter their animals during the rainy season, giving them a clean and rubbish free environment to live in, and how to properly design carts for efficient and humane hauling of goods.

The area is also suffering through sever drought so it is important the owners are aware to give their animals enough water to drink.

These remote areas do not have any veterinary services at all, so these mobile clinics provided by SAWS are so important for the animal welfare there.

Janet Thomas