Hendro Animal Rescue Centre a work in progress

An update on the Hendro Animal Rescue Centre currently under construction by Bridging Lanka.

Recently the office dogs Kalu Mall and Sops became parents to a breathtakingly cute litter of pups. There are too many to keep so the team are busy trying to find good homes for them. Interestingly, the locals prefer vicious guard dogs to protect their homes, so the more aggressive puppies are the first to get adopted. This utilitarian mindset around animals is one which the group hope to change over time to a more intrinsic love for our furry friends.

Work at the Hendro site has begun in earnest with existing fencing being repaired or replaced as required. The crop of Murunga (Drumstick) trees on the land was sold at market, bringing in some more capital which will be put back into the development of the centre.

Stay tuned for more news of this exciting new project.

Janet Thomas