April was a good Month for Animal Nepal

AAA partner group Animal Nepal has sent us a lovely recap of the happenings at the Dukuchhap donkey sanctuary during the month of April:

"April was an exciting month for our animals at the shelter. We were visited by a Thai documentary film making group, called Spirit of Asia. They spent the whole day at the sanctuary and filmed our residents as well as learning about each of their stories. The documentary will be broadcast in June and we are very much looking forward to watching it. This month also saw our residents being visited by the team that produces Animal Nepal’s weekly radio show called ‘Conversations about animal welfare’. The team spoke to our caretakers and vet technicians who look after our residents. As they had so much fun spending time with our residents, the team were there for the entire day even though their actual work for the radio show was completed in a couple of hours. At the beginning of April, Animal Nepal’s Board and members visited the sanctuary and spent a few hours with the residents. Our residents love spending time with people so they really enjoy visitors, especially when they come bearing their favourite apples and carrots. Animal Nepal’s President Pramada Shah is particularly fond of donkeys so she visits the sanctuary whenever she can and loves grooming them. There wasn't much rain this month, compared to March so the residents got more time to play outdoors. Menuka had some bed sores because she spends most of her time lying down as she can only stand up for short periods. We have bought a soft cozy mat for her so that such sores can be avoided in the future. It is sweet to see Menuka and BB sharing the mat and lying down together as they do really enjoy each other’s company.

Animal Nepal would like to express its sincere gratitude to Animal Aid Abroad for their continued financial support in the running and maintenance of the sanctuary for our rescued equines in Dukuchhap."

Thank you Animal Nepal for the good work you do, and for our sponsors who allow us to support such a worthy group.

Janet Thomas