Good works continuing in Somaliland

AAA partner group Social Animal Welfare Service (SAWS) in Somaliland do an amazing job helping the working donkeys in their area of Hargeisa, with the help of Dr Ahmed and Dr Abdirahman. Mr Abdillahi is the head of the SAWS office in Muqdisho and he has been carrying out on-the-job training, providing great advice and practice in the treatment of donkeys with the support of the Vet doctors.

During the month of March, the team visited 9 different villages, treating a total of 170 donkeys for a range of ailments including wounds form poor harnessing, worms, laminitis, respiratory problems, unkempt hooves and various other injuries.

AAA are proud to support SAWS and similar organisations all around the world to help improve the lives and welfare of working animals.

Janet Thomas