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Thanks to you, our 2019 Quiz on Saturday, April 13th was a huge success!

Because of YOU, we raised $21, 223.55.

These funds will be used to support our many overseas projects, that includes our on-going pony clinics in Indonesia, donkey welfare programs in Tanzania plus assist with our new sanctuary in Sri Lanka.

The following very generous businesses, groups and people not only donated prizes and items for our night but also listed, are the volunteers and donors who continue to support and give their time to Animal Aid Abroad.

We cannot do what we do, without your support and generosity.

Perfect Travels                                                                Australia One                                                          Two Rubens Espresso

Two Feet and a Heartbeat Walking Tours                 The Island at Elizabeth Quay                                 Pri Adilbert              

Trawangan Dive [ Gili Islands]                                       Grand Cinemas                                                       Myrna Klein

Bluewater Express                                                            Perth Mint                                                              Jackie Wigh

Lutwala Dive and Bungalows                                        Perth Zoo                                                                 Elmstock                              

Wizard Pharmacy [Booragoon]                                       Debra Perkins                                                          Emma Green

Colin and Levi Young                                                         WASO                                                                      Succi Mumma

Scent to Rescue                                                                 Little Creatures                                                     Georges @ City Beach

Sylvia & Karan Bettis-Heijne                                          Kirsten Jackson                                                    Janette Huston

What Knot Remedial Massage                                        Millie Lannolo                                                         Nicholas Duncan

Shirley Patrick                                                                     Sue Mirco                                                             Paul & Lynn Elkington

Jenny Grant                                                                        Denise & David Schokman                                   Elaine & Phil Goode & Elsie Daxon

Primal Alternative                                                              Chris Beggs                                                           Franklin Hynes & Cai Fenton

Houndstooth Studio                                                          Dawsons Garden World                                       Colleen McKenney            

Rockingham Wild Encounters                                         Hair at the Zoo                                                        Martin Hayes

Jana Wood                                                                         Sasha Poli                                                           Lynette MacQueen

Catherine Clark Dowden                                                  Lynne Bowes                                               Friends of Perth Animals [FOTA]

Cat Haven                                                                           Barb Hacker                                                            Gypsy Wulff

Control Print                                                                       Annalice Framing                                                  Erika Morgan

Charlotte Fehr Bev Cooper Dominic Webb Handy Truck

Dianne Lawrence Wendy Jacobs Joe Petrovich

Ann Jones Michele Sharp Alicia Davies

Evette Mirco Natalie Palleros Saphron Stapleton

Peter Grant Tash & Sophie Halbert Jaime Klein

Cathie O’Neil Joanna Ferris

Some special mentions from our night need to be made because without these people we couldn’t have done it.

Sylvia & Karan Bettis-Heijne who worked hard behind the scenes with me to put on this event including our small team of volunteers who helped in the lead up - Jenny Grant, Kirsten Jackson, Denise Schokman, Colleen McKenney, Myrna Klein and Jana Wood.


Thanks to our core volunteer team on the night who did such an amazing job- Chris Beggs our Emcee, Jaime Klein on PowerPoints and video, our very efficient markers- Paul Elkington, Cathie O’Neil and our Quiz master, who also wrote our questions and table games – Karan Bettis-Heijne [ Karan was also the organiser of our very fun, donut eating game!!] Special thanks to Nicholas Duncan from Save the Rhinos who did a brilliant job as our auctioneer.


Thanks to sisters, Millie Iannolo, Sue Mirco & Evette Mirco on tea and coffee and the wonderful cakes and other bits they put together [ the table looked amazing] including Erika Dawson who supplied the wonderful biscuits from Primal Alternative.

We can never do without our payment table volunteers- Dianne Lawrence & Wendy Jacobs who did a fabulous job.

A special thank you to the very generous Lynda Holgate from Scent to Rescue who hit the $100,000 milestone at our Quiz event [ All this money has been 100% donated to animal charities]. Lynda donates all her money and time to making beautiful scented candles and this is the second year in a row Lynda has come along to help us.

To our engine room volunteers who assist at all Animal Aid Abroad events and who did an outstanding job on the raffle ticket selling and jelly bean jar - Denise Schokman, Myrna Klein, Colleen McKenney, Kirsten Jackson, Jana Wood, and Janette Huston. Also, special thanks to Jenny Grant who juggled her role perfectly between the Silent Auction and Merchandise table. Thanks to new-recruit, Alicia Davies who helped throughout the day and night with many jobs including photos with Martin Hayes taking a few too and to our runner/go-to-person on the night doing a bit of everything, Sylvia Bettis-Heijne.


Many thanks also to those people who came earlier in the day to help set up - Paul Elkington, Jaime Klein, Chris Beggs, Martin Hayes, Elaine and Phil Goode, Barbara Hacker, Emma Green, Saphron Stapleton, Kirsten Jackson, Jenny Grant, Alicia Davies, Sylvia Bettis-Heijne, Franklin Hynes, Colleen McKenney, Natalie Palleros, Dianne Lawrence, Cai Fenton, Joe Petrovich, Dom Webb, Peter Grant, Tash and Sophie Halbert. We did it in record time with hours to spare!! Many of these people also stayed on to help pack up at the end of the night…. A very long day and night but we made it with $21, 223.55 for our animals!!

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Janet Thomas