Somaliland donkeys seeing vets for the first time in their lives

AAA partner group, Social & Animal Welfare Service (SAWS) in Hargiesa, Somaliland, made it their mission recently to visit some remote villages in the Hargiesa District. During this mobile vet clinic, they discovered huge populations of donkeys that had never received veterinary attention for their whole lives. The community members of these villages were very happy to see the arrival of SAWS and welcomed them with open arms.

One of the villages visited had recently had an attack by a hyena on a flock of sheep. A number of the sheep sustained injuries which were treated by the SAWS team.

Donkeys are also at risk of attack by hyenas, as well as vampire and tick birds, and insects like ticks and mosquitoes.

It was found that there is a lack of knowledge and services in these remote areas, so there were a number of preventable deaths in the animal population.

SAWS also noted the need for education on animal welfare and humane harnesses and carts.

It is hoped that SAWS can make more future trips out to these remote areas so in need of assistance.

Janet Thomas