Hard times ahead for working animals in Zambia

Our partner group in Zambia, the Mwamfumba Multi-Purpose Cooperative Animal Welfare Society (MAWS) are dealing with challenging conditions this year. Already in the Chibombo District, there have been outbreaks of both Foot and Mouth Disease, and Corridor Disease. Fortunately the mortality rate was not high, and they have been busy in the field vaccinating, treating and controlling the diseases,

Chibombo is also suffering a terrible drought which threatens to affect the food supply for donkeys and bullocks in the area.

In the last three months, MAWS celebrated no donkey deaths, and 21 new born donkeys. 189 bullocks were dewormed, and 117 vaccinated while countless owners were educated on the care and humane treatment of animals. The team made 65 strong, cheap and humane harnesses which were distributed out to farmers, and 25 carts were repaired, improving the health of the animals pulling them, avoiding the previous issues of deep wounds caused by ill-fitting harnesses.

Looking forward, the MAWS team are expecting hard times as the drought takes hold, and outbreaks occur. They have also been approached by communities up to 350km away to assist with donkey management, so they need every bit of support we can give them to enable them to continue this good work.

Janet Thomas