Remote tourism camels receive much needed help from Help in Suffering, India

Jaisalmer is famous for its deserts and sand dunes. The main attraction for the tourists is the camel rides there. Camels are the main source of income for the local people there but the area is remote so they don’t have access to good veterinary facilities for the camels.

During March 2019, Help in Suffering- Jaipur, Rajasthan-India (HIS) held a stand at a camel treatment camp in the sand dunes of Jaisalmer. Organisers have been conducting these camps for four years for poor camel owners. The history of the previous three successful camps were enough to fill the team with enthusiasm.

The team consisted of five people: Dr. Abhinav Swami, Dr. Jitendar and three vet helpers, Rajendar, Bhagwandas and Vimal.

Jaisalmer is approx. 700 kms away from Jaipur. The HIS team started their journey early in the morning and reached the destination when it was dark. Camp organisers greeted the team warmly.

At the camp, people were informed via pamphlets, news papers and by loud speaker announcements of the HIS stand, so the next day camels started gathering early in the morning, ready for the start time. After the formal inauguration the team started taking the cases. Camels were seen with many ailments like lameness, mange, diarrhoea, colic, impaction, trypanosomiasis, urinary and respiratory problems etc.

One camel owner brought his camel with a broken metal nose peg embedded badly in the muscles. The team tried to take it out but failed. Under sedation, it was taken out surgically.

Another camel was presented with a very bad mouth condition - an extensive wound filled with maggots. The camel was still working for tourist rides but the tourists were getting upset with this condition so the owner brought the camel in for treatment. The wound was cleaned and the proper medicines were given to relieve the pain.

In total, the camp was very successful. Total treatments carried out was 242. Total animals de-wormed was 176, Nose pegs distributed was 165, educational leaflets distributed: 125, Carts fitted with Reflectors: 15, Minor surgeries: 5.

Well done HIS, thank you for carrying out this crucial work in such a remote location.

Janet Thomas