Camel with broken jaw helped by CRC Bassi

The Camel Rescue Centre and Sanctuary (CRC) in Bassi recently received a visit from an owner with his camel that had fought with another camel and broken his jaw. The injury was quite severe and painful.

Dr. Jitendar and Dr. Abhinav examined the wound and found that the mandible was hanging and the camel was very dull and depressed. So immediately, pain killers, antibiotics and fluids were administered.

It was decided to repair the mandible fracture surgically. After sedation the jaw was cleaned and the inter-dental wiring was done to make the fractured parts immovable.

An injury like this could easily be fatal if left untreated.

The camel was kept in the hospital for more than one week to keep him under observation. The camel was able to be released when it started eating soft food.

The owner was very happy and thankful to CRC for their help. He was sent on his way with instructions to return, should there be any further issues.

Janet Thomas