A happy ever after for Edna in Israel

AAA partner group Pegasus in Israel recently welcomed a rescue donkey Edna into their family. This is her story:

Exhausted and using her last ounces of strength, Edna made her way to Moshav Eshtaol in the Judean Hills on the way to Jerusalem.

When local man Oded stumbled upon her while walking his dog, Edna could barely walk, collapsing every few steps. Oded very slowly led Edna back to his home where he gave her water and let her graze on the fresh grass in his yard.

The next day she was feeling much better and with the help of some apples, carrots and a lot of love from Oded and his family, she began to show her charming, sweet and very gentle nature. Oded's family named her Edna (similar to the hebrew word for 'gentle').

Oded's children fell in love with Edna and she began to welcome and greet them happily every day when they returned from school. A week had passed and Oded realised that he was unable to keep Edna in his small yard, so he called Pegausus and asked for their help.

After receiving Edna at the Pegasus Sanctuary, it was realised that this little donkey required 'round the clock company, so she was placed together with Sheva and her little foal Ben. It was a perfect match and together, Sheva and Edna cared for Ben.

The full cycle of a true recovery is a successful adoption and a forever home for the healthy and fully recovered donkeys. Happily, this was the case with Edna, as Assaf and his two children came to the Sanctuary to find a donkey to adopt, and when they met Edna, the children held onto her and wouldn't let go.

The team at Pegasus found it very hard to say goodbye to Edna, and little Ben had a tough time as well, but it was very heartening for all involved to see Edna adopted by a loving family and taken to her new forever home.

Janet Thomas