Working horses in India assisted greatly by Friendicoes

Our friends at Friendicoes have been busy as usual, helping to improve the health and welfare of the working animals in India. They deal with many different types of issues through their Equine Program.

One of their recent cases involved a horse with babesiosis that was suffering from blood in the urine, high fever and lack of appetite.

Another horse had suffered hind leg injuries in a road accident with a vehicle.

One poor horse had been bitten on the face by another pony and the wound had become infected.

Colic, dehydration and wounds from poor harnessing are other issues which are frequently dealt with.

Friendicoes also rescued two retired police horses, Laxman and Mastermind who were retired early because of their aggressive natures. They were taken to the Gurgaon sanctuary, where hopefully the stress free environment will improve their temperaments.

Friendicoes have also distributed a large number of blankets to owners of horses working in the brick kilns in the area to try and cushion the horses from their harnesses and reduce the number of back sores and saddle wounds that they come across.

Janet Thomas