Injured donkey highlights success of SAWS in Hargeisa

AAA partner group, Social and Animal Welfare Service - SAWS recently sent us a report on an accident which took place causing severe injuries to a donkey:

On March 06, 2019 at 8.30 p.m., a speeding motor vehicle in Hargeisa town hit a donkey towing a water cart. Immediately, the donkey fell to the ground while making painful noises and sustaining obvious bruises all over its body. It was clear that the donkey was feeling excruciating pain because of the sounds that it was making.

Shortly after the incident took place, countless phone calls, from eye-witnesses to the incident, poured into SAWS’ office and informed us what had taken place. One of the callers was Mr. Ahmed Cali (Hule)—the General Director (GD) of the Ministry of Livestock and Fishery—who resides near the location of the incident. The GD and eye-witnesses requested SAWS to rescue the donkey. SAWS immediately arrived at the location that the incident took place with a vet doctor. The doctor instantly performed an overall checkup and gave the badly wounded donkey first aid assistance and provided an injection of pen and strep— Albendazole and Almayzin spray. SAWS did everything at its disposal to assist the donkey. The donkey stopped making the painful noises. After treating the donkey, we provided food, water and shelter. We also informed the owner that the donkey needs to rest in order to recover and he agreed.

The driver of the vehicle was apprehended by the bystanders who refused to let him go till SAWS and the police arrived. People were beyond upset to witness the horrible incident. When the police arrived, SAWS filed an incident report to the police. After the police conducted their interview, the driver admitted guilt and agreed to pay restitution.

This incident demonstrated the following:

1. Before SAWS began operation in the area, the general public had negative views of donkeys. They used to treat donkeys badly and considered that donkeys were not equal to other domesticated animals. They had never reported or protected donkeys. However, after SAWS’ successful awareness-raising campaign, peoples’ perception has altered to the point of not only considering that donkeys have rights, but also to protect donkeys and apprehend the driver who hit the donkey.

2. SAWS fliers, banners, billboards throughout the city; its website/Facebook page; and media campaign which contains the contact information (including SAWS’ phone numbers) of the Organization assisted people to contact us.

3. SAWS awareness-raising campaign and constant meetings with the law-enforcement also bears fruit. This incident demonstrated the commitment of law-enforcement to be responsive and aggressive to protect the rights of the donkeys and punish the abusers and/or perpetrators.

While this is a horrible incident to have occurred, AAA is glad that SAWS were there to help, and that there is that level of support for SAWS and what they do within the community. Keep up the fantastic work SAWS.

Janet Thomas