Sustained effort in Hargeisa helps 2,481 working donkeys

AAA Partner group Social and Animal Welfare Service - SAWS who are based in Hargeisa, Somaliland run a mobile vet clinic in their local area as well as checking and replenishing various water supply vendor stations so that the working and street animals have access to fresh drinking water.
Recently while conducting their mobile vet clinic, they treated a total of 204 donkeys for a variety of issues including overgrown hooves, wounds from beatings and poor harnessing, worms, laminitis, respiratory problems, digestive issues and injuries from sucking birds. 
Looking back at the group's effort over the past year, they have helped a total of 2,481 donkeys in their area!
This is a huge accomplishment, and has made a real difference to the well-being of working donkeys in Hargeisa.

Janet Thomas