Donkeys on the mend in Tanzania

Tanzania Humane Charity (TAHUCHA) is one of Animal Aid Abroad's international partner groups, and they recently followed up with a couple of injured donkeys who are now on the mend, thanks to the care given by the team.

The first donkey's hoof is broken due to being overworked/over-walked, usually crossing mountains with uneven terrain and pulling carts laden with heavy logs.

The second donkey sustained an injury on the fore quarter around the scapula/shoulders, due to the application of a traditional treatment whereby they take a hot iron implement and burn the pre-scapular lymph node where there was swelling apparent. The swelling of any lymphatic system indicates that around that body part there is an infection and the specific lymph node tries to fix the problem by reacting. This should have indicated to the owner that the donkey required professional veterinarian care, instead of the painful and unhelpful traditional method used.

Thanks to TAHUCHA's intervention, both donkeys are on the way to recovery.

Janet Thomas