The peaceful lives of the rescued equines at Godovari Donkey Sanctuary

Winter is at its peak at the Animal Nepal Godavari Donkey Sanctuary, so the furry residents are really feeling the cold and impatiently waiting for warmer weather. They enjoy sunbathing and are sure to catch the few hours of sunshine each morning. B.B and Menuka walk down to the field very early in the morning and only come back in the evening after the sun goes down. B.B still suffers from joint ache due to the cold and old age but Menuka is doing well. Both of them enjoy spending time in each other’s company.

The past month was a particularly exciting one for two of the sanctuary residents Krishna and Fudge - They had the chance to attend Animal Nepal’s photo exhibition which was held to mark their ten-year anniversary. Krishna and Fudge were very popular and they had a lot of photos taken with the visitors. They were very happy to visit a new place and Animal Nepal's caretaker Mr. Shrestha was with them to ensure they had proper food and water.

Also this past month, the Basnet family came to visit the animals to celebrate their birthday. They brought lots of carrots, grams and probiotics for the equines. They spent a few hours playing with and feeding the animals. It was an enjoyable day for the Basnets and the donkeys!

Animal Nepal would like to express sincere gratitude to Animal Aid Abroad and it's donors for the continued financial support in the running and maintenance of the sanctuary for the rescued equines in Godavari.

Janet Thomas