AAA group tour in India

The AAA group tour to Sri Lanka, India and Nepal continues with another update from the road:

"We had a big day today in India, rising before dawn to catch a train from Jaipur to Gurgaon. Half asleep, we boarded our train for the 3 1/2 hour trip which gave us a great view of the Indian countryside, villages and back roads. Upon arrival, we were taken to AAA partner group Friendicoes Sanctuary.

At the Sanctuary we had a great time meeting and hanging out with the many rescued horses, donkeys, cows, dogs and cats. More then 600 animals live at the sanctuary and all are looked after extremely well. We certainly were in animal heaven. These animals have all been rescued due to injury, abandonment or sickness as they can no longer work or live on the streets of Delhi. Geeta Seshamani, Dr Akhilesh and their amazing team of workers look after the animals so well, including the many animals sponsored by supporters of Animal Aid Abroad.

After our visit to Friendicoes, we traveled to Faridabad to catch up with another partner group, People for Animals Trust- Faridabad" Run By:- Ravi Dubey (PFA). We viewed the water program that AAA funds which supplies fresh water, year round to both street, working and wild animals living in the forest area in outer Faridabad. Ravi and his team have a small shelter in the city where they rescue and rehabilitate injured and sick animals.

It was a very long day but worth the travel and effort to see our amazing partner groups in action helping so many animals in need."

Janet Thomas