AAA 2019 Group Tour - Sri Lanka

Followers of AAA will know that founder Janet, along with 11 other AAA supporters from around Australia, are currently on an international tour to see the work being done to help working animals.

This update comes from their visit to the Mannar Donkey Rescue Centre in the north of Sri Lanka. Here they met Jeremy Liyanage, of Bridging Lanka, and Shyama, a director of the donkey program.

The group also had the pleasure of meeting the 15 permanent donkey residents at the centre who cannot be released due to the nature of their injuries or health concerns. 12 more donkeys were onsite for treatment and will be released once recovered.

Janet and the group were very impressed with the facility and the dedication of the staff to caring and treating the donkeys. While there, a presentation was given by Bridging Lanka director Jeremy Liyanage. The group was also given a tour of the clinic, isolation unit, donkey holding yards, and shown future plans for the centre that includes a cafe.

In this area, donkeys get hit by cars, attacked by humans and street dogs, ingest rubbish on the streets, contract internal and external parasites etc. Sadly in Mannar the locals don’t like the donkeys, so a big part of the centre's job is changing the attitudes of the locals towards donkeys.

While also in Mannar the group visited the Donkey Therapy Centre where children with physical and intellectual disabilities can interact with the donkeys.

It's fantastic for this group of supporters to see firsthand the work that is being done and that they have helped contribute to.

We look forward to the next update!

Janet Thomas