Work to be done in Zimbabwe

With the 2018/2019 farming season in full swing in Zimbabwe, AAA partner group, Tikobane Trust's efforts to call people to their donkey clinic on the 12th of December was not fruitful, however they came up with a workable and efficient way of reaching the donkeys, whereby the team will be visiting the home stands and the donkey stables in the Magoli village, door to door. The team will be visiting three stables a week, totaling 36 stables visited per quarter.

On their first run, the team visited three home stands where 13 donkeys were reached and treated of harness injuries. As it is the farming season, donkeys are ploughing on the fields, and so chain and harness wounds are a concern. The donkeys were treated with wound powder and wound oil. The team also talked with donkey owners to discourage heavy beating of donkeys which is common during farming seasons.

Another cause of great concern associated with farming season that the team noted is the axing of donkeys. The team treated an axe wound that was in a bad state.

There is a great need that has been identified while working with the Magoli community, especially during the farming season. The team will be working flat out with the community in meeting the immediate needs of these animals, as well as working towards a more humane future for them.

Janet Thomas