MAWO seeing positive change through donkey clinics

AAA partner group Meru Animal Welfare Organization (MAWO) recently carried out a donkey clinic at Shambarai village. A total of 127 donkeys were reached and dewormed. Observing a positive change, the MAWO team noticed that due to the continued education and training provided to the villagers on donkey welfare, the number of wounds caused by trauma are decreasing. The main causes of wounds seen were due to bites from fellow donkeys, or general scratches and infections. Hooves were also trimmed, and one donkey was treated for a scratch to the eye from a thorny tree.

MAWO also donated a cart to a group of 15 people and showed them the proper method of harnessing. The recipients were very grateful and in seeing the slow but positive effect that the clinics and training are having in the community, the motivation is there to continue this work and encourage generational change.

Janet Thomas