Making a difference in Kurdistan

Dr Sulaiman, president and founder of the Kurdistan Organisation for Animal Rights Protection was recently invited by SPANA in Jordan for a training course and equine clinic which he says were very important to him in keeping his knowledge and skills up to date. He shared with the group what he does in collaboration with Animal Aid Abroad, and they passed on their congratulations for the good work being done.

In addition to this educational trip, Dr Sulaiman attended to 18 donkeys, 1 horse, 224 dogs, 85 poultry and 331 sheep, goats and cattle on his regular rounds of the region.

During these rounds, he came across a displaced family that he had seen a year ago for a goat with a fractured leg. At the time, Dr Sulaiman gave the goat a cast and antibiotics.

One year on, the goat is completely healed and brought two baby goats to the family in the past year. The family was very grateful to Dr Sulaiman and to Animal Aid Abroad for providing them with help that they would not have been able to afford otherwise.

Thank you to Dr Sulaiman for his fantastic work, and to the supporters of AAA who make it possible.

Janet Thomas