Clinics and training having a positive impact in Tanzania!

The Meru Animal welfare Organisation (MAWO) runs a mobile outreach clinic in Tanzania, and in the past month, they visited the Naisinyai and Emboret villages where they attended 251 donkeys in just two days. Many donkeys appeared healthy due to the regular visits form the clinic, and there was a reduction in wounds from poor harnessing due to the awareness training being carried out.

Of the donkeys treated during the clinic visit, there were 251 dewormings, 31 wounds treated, 8 sets of hooves trimmed and 16 eye issues treated.

Of the wounds treated, many were at the point of hock and pastern. MAWO assume the cause of these wounds is prolonged tying of thin ropes around these areas on the animal.

The Naisinyai and Emboret people appreciated the care given to their animals and asked MAWO to continue to visit them regularly as they can see the improvement in their donkeys' health and ability to work.

It is so fantastic to hear of MAWO's programs having a positive impact in Tanzania!

Janet Thomas