Good work in Bukombe

Followers of Animal Aid Abroad will know that Bukombe in Tanzania is a harsh environment for working donkeys. Our partner group there has been working hard to treat as many donkeys as they can, but to also educate the owners on the proper care for these animals.

One donkey named Masikio had developed a sudden limp and was examined by the team. The diagnosis was narrowed down to a mild strain of the tendon caused by overloading and having to walk on the very rough terrain on the road from the brick kiln. Masikio was given anti-imflammatories and antibiotics as well as strict rest to facilitate a smooth recovery. Luckily, Masikio has an owner with a positive attitude towards his animal and who agreed to rest him for a few days.

One owner had a group of eleven donkeys, some of which had issues that required immediate attention. One had a persistent cough, one had an abscess due to an unattended wound which had become infected, and another had a serious unilateral condition of the eye which endangered her vision.

These donkeys were treated and are recovering, and all eleven donkeys were de-wormed and given nutritional feed to boost the group's overall health.

It is great to see this work being done in an area that is home to many mistreated and overworked donkeys.

Janet Thomas