Tanzanian donkeys need our help

What AAA founder Janet saw and experienced in Bukombe in Northern Tanzania recently was shocking and upsetting. Due to beating and overworking by their owners, many, many donkeys in Bukombe are suffering from severe wounds and related infections. This is the story of one such donkey.
On the 11th of July, an extremely sick donkey was brought into the Tahucha office on a cart by the owner. The donkey had many wounds all over it's body and the owner could not provide a sufficient history of what had happened. The wounds were cleaned, antibiotics administered, and the donkey was released home to recover.
The next day, a follow up visit was made and the donkey was treated for dehydration with intravenous fluids and mineral deficiency for weak muscles. The team stayed into the night to complete the rehydration process.
Another follow up visit was made on the 15th and the donkey was looking improved. The team at Tahucha will continue to follow up and ensure the donkey is restored to full health, as much as possible while the donkey is living and working in such an environment.
Animal Aid Abroad needs your help to support organisations like Tahucha, to re-educate owners in the area on animal welfare and proper care, and to provide medical care to these abused animals.

There are many ways you can help:

You can get involved in the Global Working Animal Day - Walk a Mile in My Shoes challenge: https://www.animalaidabroad.org/global-working-animal-day-…/

You can sponsor or join the City to Surf team:https://citytosurf2018.everydayhero.com/au/animal-aid-abroad

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Thank you for your support.

Janet Thomas