Cambodian ponies in good hands

AAA partner group, Cambodia Pony Welfare Organisation (CPWO) treated a total of 250 ponies in the month of May. One of the cases they treated involved an owner who had a pony called A Pich, who was 4 years old. This owner always works his pony at night time, and on one such night, A Pich cut hit leg on sharp metal in the field where he was working. There was a lot of bleeding, and as the owner was not familiar with CPWO, he was scared and did not know what to do.

Luckily, another owner from a neighbouring village told this man about CPWO, and he finally found them at Thmei village where CPWO where doing a community rotation visit. he asked CPWO to treat his injured pony, which they did, and both pony and owner were very happy and thankful for the help.

The owner has now become a member of CPWO, and will know what to do if his pony is injured or sick in future.

Janet Thomas