SAWS continuing their good work in Somaliland

AAA partner group Social & Animal Welfare Service (SAWS) in Hargeisa, Somaliland, have once again had a very busy month helping the working and abandoned donkeys in the area. A large number of donkeys were treated (216 in total) for things like wounds from beating, wounds from poor harnessing, worms, foot injuries, weakness, coughing, stomach issues, overgrown hooves, laminitis, respiratory problems, anoxia, fly infestation, pneumonia and various other ailments. 
Without SAWS, these animals would have been made to continue working despite their medical issues, or left to suffer alone and abandoned. 
This year to date, SAWS have helped over a thousand donkeys, and we applaud their tireless efforts to not only care for these animals, but to try and educate their owners as well.

Janet Thomas