An update on Ness

Many of us have been following the story of Ness, the donkey that was doused with gasoline and badly burned, and is now making headlines at the Sanctuary! Recently, Dr. Roni the vet at Pegasus, arrived to neuter him. This was a wonderful turn in such a horrific tale.

It took 4 months to get Ness to this point - 4 months of unbearable suffering for Ness and for the team at Pegasus as they cared for his wounds. Ness had horrendous deep burns all over his body. He lost sight in one of his eyes and his ears were so badly burned that not much is left of them. His entire body and soul were badly scarred. But through all of this, Ness stayed as sweet and as friendly as he always was.

He is healthy and ready to join the rest of the herd, now that he will be neutered. This makes the whole team at Pegasus so happy. They will continue to treat the affected portions of his body as he jumps and plays like a normal donkey with all the rest, hopefully forgetting the horrors he witnessed and experienced while he still had two eyes.

Thank you to the AAA donors who have contributed specifically to help Ness, he certainly would not be where he is today without your support.

Janet Thomas