First ever donkey sanctuary in Afghanistan

AAA partner group Nowzad has facilitated the first ever donkey sanctuary in Afghanistan which started construction during 2017 with the help of generous AAA supporters. The arrival of the harsh Afghan winter delayed the builders from fully completing the project on time. The ground soon became too frozen for any further downward progress with the much-needed well and and sadly the Chowkidor (guard) living quarters and store were only partially finished. Thankfully however, they achieved completion of the stables, so six donkeys were able to move into their new home. 
Now as summer has arrived, there was plenty of time to plant the paddock with grass seeds and thankfully, resident AAA sponsored donkeys, Rosie and Khushi have given the seeds time to grow before the arrival of their new stablemates who include: 
DJ who was found discarded, underfed, tired and with a severe limp due to uncared for hooves at a migrant camp;
Dave the cow who was found with a severe wound to his leg that had been wrapped in plastic in a vain attempt to treat it. Dave was destined for the Kabul meat market, but is now recovering well at the sanctuary;
Lola who was found with her left ear having been brutally removed. The wound was open and sore and she was shivering uncontrollably. Her wound has now been tended to and the infection treated;
Azad who was left tethered and abandoned, having to eat whatever rubbish she could find within her reach. She is now safely at the sanctuary and learning to trust the staff.
Nowzad is still operating a programme to promote animal welfare among the working donkey population on the streets of Kabul. As always, lack of large scale funding limits their ability to reach as many donkeys as there are on the streets in Kabul.
Adding to the family of existing AAA sponsored donkeys Rosie, Khushi, Samson and Jalala, the Nowzad donkey sanctuary is now home to eight donkeys, one horse, one cow, and King, the night-time guard's dog.
With room to expand and build another two stables, Nowzad could in theory, rescue four more donkeys once long term funding has been established for the many years of care they will require.
Thank you to the AAA sponsors who have helped get this organisation as far as it has. Because of you, these animals are now safe, happy and cared for. 

Janet Thomas