Help in Suffering (HIS-India) camel rescue update

Help In Suffering (HIS-India) is one of the groups which Animal Aid Abroad supports through the animal sponsorship program. Basanti, Martin, Talitha (Tally), and Blacky are four camels who are now enjoying life thanks to the kind support of their sponsors.
Bassanti, a shy 13 year old female was confiscated from a slaughter house and now has a great bond with camel rescue centre staff member, Kamlesh. 
Martin is an insecure male who was about to be abandoned as he was suffering from a wounds on his hind limb, making him lame and of no use to his owner who was not willing to spend any money on his treatment.
Tally was rescued along with his blind and sick mother when he was barely two months old. Sadly, his mother could not be saved and he was fostered with cows milk. He is now a playful member of the camel rescue centre family, helping other rescued donkeys, cattle and other animals adjust to their new home.
Blacky is 10-12 years old and was rescued from a slaughter house. He has a tumor on his neck and is enjoying a comfortable stay at the camel rescue centre, his favourite food being ground nut straw.
We thank all of the kind and generous sponsors of these camels for giving them the life they deserve. 

Janet Thomas