Camel Rescue Centre in Bassi - one story among hundreds

It is difficult to see some of the images we get sent from our partner organisations around the world, however it serves to remind us that the support we give to these organisations is so needed and we can't get complacent. These images come from the camel rescue centre (CRC) in Bassi and are of a camel who's owner had been carelessly and cruelly ignoring saddle wounds until it got so bad that he knocked on the door of the CRC to ask for help. As CRC staff removed the saddle, they were shocked to see the condition of his back. There was a very extensive and deep abscess which was treated and cleaned. CRC staff compelled the owner to obtain a well padded saddle and were met with futile excuses as to his carelessness. We can only hope that he now sees the value in keeping his animal healthy and happy.
Sadly this is only one story in hundreds, as in April alone, the CRC treated 143 camels, 33 dogs, 61 cattle, 57 goats, both on external visits and within the CRC. One heartening fact is that many of these animals were brought in by owners or concerned citizens, so the work of the centre is obviously known in the area.
We thank our supporters who help us support the CRC, every cent helps

Janet Thomas