Mobile Vet Clinic in Somalia

One of Animal Aid Abroad's partner organisations, Social & Animal Welfare Service (SAWS) in Somalia have been doing great work with their mobile vet clinic in Hargeisa city. They treated a total of 177 donkeys during the month of April, carrying out a number of essential medical services including hoof trimming and cleaning, deworming, and treating lung problems, laminitis, bone fractures, stomach parasites and wounds from harnesses and beatings. 
The life of a working donkey in this area is unimaginably difficult, but the attention and care shown by SAWS to these animals makes the world of difference.
Over the last four months, from January 2018, SAWS have treated a total of 729 donkeys. We are proud to support them in their important work, and thank our supporters for helping us to do so.

Janet Thomas