India Update ~ Young, weak, injured and animal is turned away or ignored.

India Update: More Rescues for Friendicoes, young and old, weak, injured and Sick......they all find a safe caring home with Friendicoes.

Thanks to you, partner group Friendicoes in India was able to come to the aid of two young foals plus 3 mules.

An orphan foal was rescued from Gurgaon village, sadly his mother died in an accident. The foal is in very good hands with Gopal, his main carer.

Another young donkey had multiple wounds from an attack by a pack of street dogs. The poor little donkeys ears were infected and bleeding profusely. Treatment began immediately and the donkey is doing well.

In another case, 3 mules were rescued from Chandigarh SPCA
All 3 are very old, weak and emaciated. They
reached Gurgaon shelter at midnight and have been kept isolated. Blood samples have been sent to the lab for testing. They were vert tired and dehydrated after their long trip. Luckily they made it just before the Animal Husbandry Dept clamped down on all equine movements across state borders due to an outbreak of glanders.

Jan + Feb 18 Orphaned foal.jpg
Jan + Feb 18 Rescue of Baby foal2.jpg
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Jan + Feb 18 3 mules rescued 2.jpg
Janet Thomas