Animal Aid Abroad Trip 2019 ~ 6 spots still available, 10 already sold.


Always wanted to know what goes on behind the scenes of what AAA and its partner groups do to help working animals?

If you answered yes, consider joining our upcoming trip to Sri Lanka, India and Nepal in January 2019 to see our vets and their teams in action.

We have already BOOKED 10 PEOPLE for this amazing trip, with 6 SPOTS STILL AVAILABLE.

COST for 3 COUNTRIES for 17 days/16 nights is only $5172 INCLUSIVE of DONATION to Animal Aid Abroad plus flights from Sri Lanka to India and India to Nepal. [Excludes airfares to and from country of origin]

Here are some testimonials from some of our people who went last year......

Well what a fabulous trip. Thanks Janet for organising such a great experience. India is so vibrant, colourful, and so full of humanity. Everything is on such a large scale, people, animals, life...
I have been on the AAA committee for 10 years and I was humbled in seeing the work that we support - in the real. It is so different being there. It just comes alive. You can touch the animals, you can smell the aromas, you can witness the vets, carers and farriers at work. The picture has become so much clearer for me.
The trip was well organised and ran like clockwork. All t’s crossed, and I’s dotted. Lovely hotels, great food, nice bus and good driver. Can’t complain about the shopping either! Definitely on the cards to go again. 
[ Janette Huston, November 2017]

Animal Aid Abroad's 2017 trip to India was a life-changing experience for me. Although some of the things we witnessed were confronting, it was fantastic to have the opportunity to see firsthand the critical and overwhelmingly positive work taking place in India. It was deeply humbling to meet the amazing vets and carers who are totally dedicated to improving the lives of some of the world's most vulnerable animals. Spending ten days with like-minded people who genuinely care was incredibly uplifting and has inspired me to do more to support Animal Aid Abroad's vital work in future. [ Renate Homburg, Nov 2017]

I’ve been very fortunate to participate in both AAA trips to India & I would recommend it to anyone who cares about animals & how to help them & the people who work them. It is inspirational, heartbreaking, heart-warming & overall, just a wonderful experience of a lifetime. I hope to share in more AAA trips where I can see exactly how we are helping the working animals of our world [ Bev Rayner, 2017]

A unique trip that provided an insight into the lives of India’s working animals, and how assistance from Animal Aid Abroad effectively improves their daily conditions and welfare. Our group was fortunate to be led by the indefatigable Janet, founder of AAA, enabling us to witness first-hand the selfless and remarkable work of animal welfare groups in India that are supported by Animal Aid Abroad. [ Lynn Elkington, 2017]

Spending time at sanctuary’s, rescue centres and veterinary clinics in India that AAA support was one of the most rewarding experiences I have had. 
It provided a real sense of connection for me between the fund raising we do here in Australia and the animals that are getting better welfare, relief from pain and an improved future due to medical attention, routine vaccinations or simply some affection and gentle contact from a human. 
Before going to India, I had felt some gravity to the fund-raising work we do, but since going in person I have found a real purpose in what we do, and a renewed energy to provide assistance for them. We looked into the eyes of animals that were being helped, we saw where they lived, and we stroked their thin bodies that were craving some love and care. 
Although the reality of the harshness of their lives was hard to witness, it was a heart-warming relief to see the many animals that were lucky enough to be in the care of a place to call home with shelter over their heads and food in their bowls.
The journey was further worth doing and enjoyable due to the sharing of all this with our group of like-minded people. 
Credit to AAA founder, Janet Thomas, for her drive, passion and organisational skills that enabled this to happen. 
I would recommend this growing experience to anyone wishing to improve the lives of the animals that we share this planet with, who are doing it so tough. [Jenny Grant, 2017]

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