Tanzania Update: Karts + Kids 4 Donkeys news...

Tanzania Update: KARTS + KIDS 4 DONKEYS - New project for working donkeys and kids in Tanzania

Animal Aid Abroad has been funding a new cart system that will get rid of the cruel ox-yolk system. Working donkeys will no longer suffer in pain and have dreadful injuries caused by this cruel form of transport.

Our target area is Bukombe district, a very poor and remote area of Tanzania that has approximately 300 ox –yoke carts in use pulled by donkeys.

These carts cause horrific wounds, discomfort and stress to the donkeys so it is AAA's goal to replace all 300 of these carts.

One by one we will work to change these carts to a lighter model where the donkey will pull the cart from their chest. Final pics below show the ox-yolk and the shocking wounds caused by this system.

The great news - finally 10 NEW CARTS have been built and will soon be in operation. More carts will be started very soon.

As an incentive for villagers to change to the new cart system, AAA is paying for the village children to attend school.

All families that have taken on the new cart have been given funds to pay for books, uniform and shoes so their children can go to school.

The children [ as you can see in the photo] are attending school and very appreciative of this golden opportunity.

We will keep you posted on the progress of this much needed project in the Bukombe district of Tanzania with our partner group- Tanzania Animal Welfare Charity [ TAWC].

Thanks to all our donors and supporters who are making this program a reality.

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Janet Thomas