Peaceful days at the Godavari Donkey Sanctuary

October started on on a very festive note for the animals at the Animal Nepal Godavari Donkey Sanctuary. October 4 was World Animal Day and the shelter residents were treated to extra portions of their favourite treats such as apples and carrots to celebrate the occasion.

All of the equines living at the sanctuary were in good health, except BB who showed signs of limping, and as a result is now on medication. BB enjoys sunbathing with his friend Menuka away from the rest of the animals as they enjoy each other's company.

The rest of the animals also enjoy sunbathing in the field during the day as winter approaches and the weather cools. Moksh continues to be the naughty one in the group, but as a whole, the population of donkeys at the sanctuary are happy, healthy and enjoying the winter sun.

Animal Nepal send their gratitude to the AAA supporters who contribute to the financial support for the running and maintenance of the sanctuary for rescued equines in Godavari.

Janet Thomas