Community seeing benefits of MAWO's donkey welfare program

Meru Animal Welfare Organization (MAWO) continue to carry out important work to improve the welfare of working animals in Tanzania.

Recently they carried out their mobile donkey clinic during which they dewormed 83 donkeys in Nazaret village, treated five wounds of varying severity, and trimmed the hooves of three donkeys.

They also donated ten water troughs to water points throughout the local villages to ensure the working donkeys stay hydrated through access to clean drinking water.

Another important activity MAWO carried out was the education of 148 school children on the welfare and treatment of donkeys so that the next generation of working animal owners and drivers have more compassion and care than those before them. MAWO also donated 40 school uniforms to needy children at Samaria and Nazareti Primary Schools. This is a fantastic way of creating awareness and implementation of their donkey welfare program in the community.

The community can see the benefits, and we congratulate MAWO on their fantastic work.

Janet Thomas